DECA  Pasco Bulldogs

DECA Officers

This year we have an all girls officer team!!!

 Adriana Guzman is president this year. Addy has been in DECA 4 years and she loves to listen to music.

 The Vice president we have Emma Cortez, she has also been in DECA 4 years, she is very outgoing and isn't afraid of talking in public.

Chapter Awards Project has three girls who work as a team.

 Laura Delgado has been in DECA 4 years, DECA is one of her top priorities.

Edith Rangel has been in DECA 3 1/2 years and wants to be successful.

Jasmin Garcia has been in DECA 2 years and wishes she could have joined DECA sooner.

Event planner this year is Yesenia Arrondo has been 2 years in DECA and she wishes she could drive.

Business manager Jasmine Carbarin has been in DECA 3 years and likes DECA since its a great way to meet new people and have fun.

Vice president of public relations is Bertha Coria she has been in DECA 2 years and loves rock music.

 Vice president of membership Melissa Correa has been in DECA 3 years and is a very creative person.

 Team leaders are:

Mayra Rodriguez has been in DECA two years and wishes to be more involved in DECA. 

Jessica Lepe has been in DECA 3 years and loves to talk

 We can tell this will be an amazing year for the PHS DECA chapter