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Deadly Distractions

Pasco high DECA students have gathered today to show the rest of the school the injuries caused by distracted driving. Statistics show that 80% of accidents are caused by drivers texting, eating, putting on makeup, changing the radio station and other distracting behaviors. Students will be sporting injuries and wearing white t-shirts explaining what distracting behavior led to the injury. DECA has partnered with State Farm Insurance in hopes of educating students about the dangers of distracted driving.





Color and Theme

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DECA Officers

This year we have an all girls officer team!!!

 Adriana Guzman is president this year. Addy has been in DECA 4 years and she loves to listen to music.

 The Vice president we have Emma Cortez, she has also been in DECA 4 years, she is very outgoing and isn't afraid of talking in public.

Chapter Awards Project has three girls who work as a team.

 Laura Delgado has been in DECA 4 years, DECA is one of her top priorities.

Edith Rangel has been in DECA 3 1/2 years and wants to be successful.

Jasmin Garcia has been in DECA 2 years and wishes she could have joined DECA sooner.

Event planner this year is Yesenia Arrondo has been 2 years in DECA and she wishes she could drive.

Business manager Jasmine Carbarin has been in DECA 3 years and likes DECA since its a great way to meet new people and have fun.

Vice president of public relations is Bertha Coria she has been in DECA 2 years and loves rock music.

 Vice president of membership Melissa Correa has been in DECA 3 years and is a very creative person.

 Team leaders are:

Mayra Rodriguez has been in DECA two years and wishes to be more involved in DECA. 

Jessica Lepe has been in DECA 3 years and loves to talk

 We can tell this will be an amazing year for the PHS DECA chapter

Dog Walking

September 22,2012

 The Pasco high DECA chapter went to the Tri Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco to walk dogs. We spent approximately two hours walking dogs.The tri Cities animal shelter employees were happy the dogs had a chance to go out and walk around. "Most of these dogs don't get to go outside,it's great that you guys took time on a saturday to come and walk dogs." said one of the employees.